FinOps | Agile IT control

FinOps | Agile IT control


Many IT professionals find it difficult to make a valuable assessment of an investment in or a good estimate of the costs of the platforms and services they develop. You are often dependent on models of financial colleagues and you lose a lot of time because the models give little insights about their own costs and the dynamics of your own product. A frequently heard response is that financial consequences simply cannot be determined because the available models do not really touch the value or core of IT.
A different approach is desirable, namely one in which costs are modeled on the basis of platforms and services. This approach immediately lays a foundation for linking with the value of the services provided and thus for a cloud-like charging model to be set up at a later stage. We use a short-cycle or Agile approach in which we always look at the problem, technical solution, (strategic) desirability and financial feasibility together with financial colleagues. We emphasize the importance of documenting facts, assumptions and uncertainties.
The result of this working method is that you can make a well-considered judgment about costs or about an investment or planning at any time, and together with your financial colleagues that you understand the uncertainties well. Any later deviations are easier to trace to the earlier decision. This is an excellent starting point to be increasingly in control of the expenditure and the value delivered with the technical solution.


In this 2-day training you will learn how to apply the Agile approach in daily practice.
  • How financial colleagues think and work
  • Why financial administration is necessary
  • How a financial administration is structured
  • Why the current way of managing IT costs is not working
  • The essential financial knowledge for an equal conversation with financial colleagues
  • How technical architecture affects IT costs
  • Why cost of cloud solutions require special attention
  • Testing the completeness of IT costs with a Stack canvas
  • The cost model with which both technical colleagues and financials can work
  • Capturing facts, assumptions and uncertainties in a cost model
  • The charging model with which cost-efficient behavior can be incentivized
  • Giving a valuable judgment on investments using an Agile approach

This is for

IT professionals who want to make an important contribution to an agile and sustainable digital strategy and who therefore want to know the impact of IT ecosystems and IT cost movements on the continuity of their organization.
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